Coral Seas Inc, founded in 1996, is dedicated to the sustainable use, understanding and enjoyment of coral reef ecosystems.
Coral Seas President, Dr Stephen C Jameson, provides Coral Seas with over 25 years of distinguished international experience in coastal resources management as an executive, manager, scientist and NOAA commissioned officer. He is a founding member of the United States National Marine Sanctuary Program where he served as Executive Officer, Associate Director of Operations and Enforcement and Manager of the Key Largo, USS MONITOR and Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuaries. He also served in NOAA as Senior Coastal Resources Management and Marine Policy Advisor, Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management and as Executive Officer, Office of Ocean Resources Conservation and Assessment "ORCA". Dr Jameson is lead author of the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI) book "State of the Reefs: Regional and Global Perspectives".

CV  Dr Jameson's Curriculum Vitae is in PDF format (PDF: 121k).

When project requirements demand more varied expertise, Coral Seas assembles customized teams of experts drawn from our professional affiliations around the world. This ensures that Coral Seas always has the best possible expertise for the job at hand and can bring to each project a comprehensive experience set.

Coral Seas' small business competitive edge will provide your organization with optimal team effort and finely tuned results on tight schedules at the most competitive price.

Coral Seas offers its clients services based on its internationally acclaimed expertise in the following areas:

Integrated Coastal Zone Management

Tropical Watershed Management

Marine Park Management

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment

Damage Assessment & Restoration

Diagnostic Coral Reef Monitoring

Training and Outreach

Dr Stephen C Jameson
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